Sunday, June 10, 2012

US Institute of Peace Ron Silver Library

The Jeannette Rankin Library Program at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) "serves as a depository of USIP cutting edge research publications. The core library collection encompasses over 4,000 items dealing with peace building, conflict prevention, management, and resolution, diplomacy, negotiation, and mediation, promotion of rule of law, state- building and civil society, reformation and strengthening of peace education systems." - From the USIP Website.

The USIP was established by Congress with the 1984 United States Institute of Peace Act as an independent agency purposed with conflict management. Located in a recently completed beautiful headquarters building across the street from the Department of Defense, and adjacent to the Potomac Annex facility on Navy Hill, the library is open to the public although the building follows strict security protocols. On-site research requires an appointment. The space itself is compact, dominated by the reference desk, with a moderately sized print collection, and focus on digital collections.

The library does provide access to an extensive amount of collection materials through online digital collections, catalogs, and subject guides. Their website is well worth the time to browse for a wealth of information in the library's subject areas. See this page for further details on collections and library services. Check here for further information on USIP publications and tools, such as links to an archive of winning National Peace Essay Contents Essays, congressional testimonies by USIP staff, and Oral Histories. The website is an impressive effort to provide access to information on a global scale.

The Building
Model of the Building
view from the atrium

research space

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