Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beautiful Private Libraries

This week's post is about beautiful private libraries. These are libraries and studies in private homes. They might have been constructed with consultation of librarians, but probably do not employ one for maintenance. They are pulchritudinous and enviable. The inspiration for this post is an article that was written in the Star Tribune, A Remodel For the Books. I dream of one day having a beautiful library, and thought today I'd share a few special library eyegasms with you. Click the picture to navigate to the posts and lose yourself in some stunning libraries.

The Art of Manliness website has a post on The Libraries of 15 Famous Men. I've visited George Washington's Study at Mount Vernon. It is rather nice, and George and Martha had great taste in paint.As a final note, this is a shot of George C. Marshall's sitting room, which I fell in love with when I toured his house, Dodona Manor. Remember to check back next week. The post will feature an interview with two landscape architects with the National Parks Service and the Floral Library on the National Mall.

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